What we offer:

• Fast Active Acquisition of Potential New Clients or Qualified Experts or Managers

• Market Research, Identification, Selection and Qualification of Potential New Customers or Qualified Experts or Managers

• Establishing a Contact to Qualified Experts or Managers or to the Key Decision Makers

• Analysis of Market, Demand and Price Policies

• Creation of New Business Areas and Market Segments

• Fast Development of New Business Networks

• Observation of Market and Competition



+++ Active Headhunting of "Highly Qualified  Performers" and "Management Candidates" +++


For your company, we have:  - Embedded Software Specialists
                                              - Embedded Hardware Specialists
                                              - Embedded System Architects
                                              - Functional Safety Experts
                                              - Testing Engineers
                                              - Quality  Experts
                                              - Purchasing Professionals
                                              - Project Engineers
                                              - 2D / 3D Graphic Designer
                                              - UI-Designer
                                              - Automotive Engineers/Professionals




The Key to Success by Using our Service Offerings:
• Highly Qualified and Experienced is Rainer Brinkmann ACCOUNTHUNTER

• Very Fast Access to Existing Contacts and Networks

• Option: Checking, Rating and Updating of Your Existing Leads

• Moderate Costs, Related to Customers/Projects

• Extremely High Flexibility by a Fast Start without a Training Phase

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