Germany is ranked as number four in national economy (worldwide) and number one in Europe.


Most important industries in Germany are automotive, electrical industry, engine building and chemical industry.


Small and medium sized companies in Germany (called “deutscher Mittelstand”: German mid-size business) are both engine and backbone of the German Economy. This “German Mittelstand” is acting customer oriented and is being driven by innovations. Therefore, the advanced products and services still have an exceptional reputation as “Made in Germany”.


German industry consists of over 3.5 million small and medium sized companies, and many of them are very interesting as a potential customer for our enterprise. However, as those companies are spread over Germany, therefore it is a benefit for an enterprise if you have a partnership with Rainer Brinkmann ACCOUNTHUNTER, because Rainer Brinkman ACCOUNTHUNTER knows many of those small size companies (with their decision makers) and can open the door to the next successful business opportunity.



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