Actually Open Positions:

( All jobs are direct jobs!  We are not working for consulting- or bodyleasing-companies! )

1.) Functional Safety Engineer, automotive (m/f/x)

2.) Functional Safety Manager, automotive (m/f/x)

3.) Embedded Software Engineer, automotive (m/f/x)

4.) Embedded Hardware Engineer, automotive (m/f/x)

5.) Head of department for Powertrain Electronics, automotive (m/f/x)

6.) Environment Engineer Software Testing, automotive (m/f/x)

7.) Engineer for Hybrid/48V functions, automotive (m/f/x)

8.) Project Engineer Battery, automotive (m/f/x)

9.) Team Leader Embedded Software, automotive (m/f/x)

10.) Quality Engineer, automotive (m/f/x)

11.) EMC Validation Engineer, automotive (m/f/x)

12.) Sensor Function Architect, automotive (m/f/x)

13.) Software Architect, automotive (m/f/x)

14.) Hardware Camera Developer, automotive (m/f/x)

15.) Hardware Engineer Radar, automotive (m/f/x)

16.) Software Engineer Radar, automotive (m/f/x)

17.) Electronic Engineer, automotive (m/f/x)

18.) ADAS Vehicle Test Engineer, automotive (m/f/x)

19.) Software Product Integreator, automotive (m/f/x)

20.) Supplier Quality Engineer, automotive (m/f/x)

21.) System Engineer Power Electronics, automotive (m/f/x)

22.) Engineering Support Supervisor, automotive (m/f/x)

23.) Team Leader Embedded Hardware, automotive (m/f/x)

24.) Project Engineer ADAS Systems, automotive (m/f/x)

25.) Engineer Hardware in the Loop Simulation, automotive (m/f/x)

26.) Software Developer Algorithm Simulation, automotive (m/f/x)

27.) Software Requirements Engineer ADAS Systems, automotive (m/f/x)

28.) Signal Processing & Monitoring Software Engineer, automotive (m/f/x)

29.) Software Developer for ADAS Systems, automotive (m/f/x)

30.) Hardware Engineer for Passive Safety System, automotive (m/f/x)

31.) Mechanical Engineer for Engines, automotive (m/f/x)

32.) ...*) Please understand that we can not display all of the open positions we have known, this would be beyond our scope.




If you are interested in one of these positions, please contact us:




You can also send us your unsolicited application and we will tell you which open positions are suitable for you.

External Link: "Gross/Net – Salary Calculator"

Some Comments from customers and candidates (m/f) about us:


- "Very good service and very professional."


- "One of the best partners we ever have had."


- "Very good candidate with top skills."


- "I received very good support and this helped me and my family a lot to change the  

   job. - I´m happy now, super new job!"

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