Rainer Brinkmann


  • Study of Electrical Engineering UNI-GH Paderborn, Degree as Dipl.-Ing. (FH)

  • Activities as Product Manager, Key Account Manager, Business Development Manager

  • Know-how in the field of Embedded Engineering and Recruiting

  • Electronic components and systems (Active, Passive and Electromechanical Components)

  • Experience in Distribution, OEM, Representative and Catalog Distribution

  • Knowledge of Embedded Hardware and Software

  • Automotive and Industrial knowledge


More than 25 Years of experience in national distribution of sophisticated products and solutions for industry and automotive engineering.


Focus: Company "tech-solute" (Prototyping, Engineering, FMEA, CE-Conformity); Headhunting of Academics (m/f) and

           Company "emtech" (High-End Embedded Electronic & Low-Cost Development Service from FPGA´s/DSP´s).


Contact: r.brinkmann@accounthunter.de


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