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Rainer Brinkmann ACCOUNTHUNTER can help you in assisting you with the two most important tasks for your enterprise, i.e. generating new customers and help in hiring dedicated and qualified experts or managers for your team. This will immediately help you in maintaining and increasing your turnover.  After a first meeting between your people and Rainer Brinkmann ACCOUNTHUNTER, we will start with a market research, identification, selection and qualification of potential new customer contacts or candidates. To accomplish those tasks, we will cooperate very close with your team.


All qualified potential new customers or candidates will be contacted directly by Rainer Brinkmann ACCOUNTHUNTER, and we will pinpoint the unique features and benefits of your products and services, with the target to establish a new business relationship or refer your company as a good place to work. We will create contacts to the key decision makers of the new partner or to the new candidates, and we will arrange a professional meeting between those people and you.


During the whole time of acquisition, you are able to concentrate on your core task in your enterprise, because Rainer Brinkmann ACCOUNTHUNTER is working fully independently and autonomous. All you have to do is to follow up with the recommended contacts and participate in our arranged meetings.


Could we convince you from our business idea, as many others who are already using our concept? Would you like to contact us to create new customers for your enterprise or find the best possible people for your team, please simply send us an email to:


We will contact you asap.

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